Greetings! WWII Buffs

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Fiction Writing, Historical Fiction, The Other Eisenhower
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Welcome to the blog of Augustine Campana and Marco Di Tillo. We are two writers of historical fiction related primarily to the war in Europe, chronicling the dark era that overtook that continent for more than a decade, from the 1930s until the reconstruction of the mid and late 1940s.

Our focus is generally not on the major events of World War II, but by using these as a backdrop, on the lives of the people, real and fictional, who get caught up in the intrigue and danger swirling around those events. Currently, our major interest is in D-Day and the weeks and days leading up to the invasion of France on 6 June 1944. We have thoroughly researched that period and created a tale that is based on an actual security breach that occurred in Whitehall in late May. Our protagonist, a simple London postman, learns of the Operation Overlord invasion plans and becomes the target of Allied intelligence, who wish to suppress him, and the Nazis, desperate to find out what he knows. Oh, and by the way, his name just happens to be the same as that of the Supreme Commander. The project is called, “The Other Eisenhower.”

It is our goal to hear from others who have similar interests and those few who still remain who were actually there when “the balloon went up.” Although they have been recognized as “the greatest generation,” our research tells us how difficult it has been to learn all the stories related to that era of world history. We honor you all and would be happy to hear from you on any subject. Only recently have many of the stories that were stored away for decades been told.

As we progress, we will share insights and facts, as well as photos, of the period and provide a forum for open discussion in this and related contexts. Hopefully, the experience will elevate us all


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