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We are happy to present a recent review from Closed the Cover by Ashley LaMar. In it, she gives THe Other Eisenhower marks.  Help us spread the word about this entertaining story about two Eisenhowers — the great General of WWII, and the innocent postman who gets caught up in the intrigue of Operation Overlord. We’d be happy to answer your questions and discuss any aspect of that frantic period surrounding the D-Day invasion that began the recovery of Europe from the Nazis.

Closed the Cover Review: The Other Eisenhower
The Other Eisenhower by Augustine Campana & Marco Di Tillo

The Other Eisenhower by Campana & Di Tillo is an extraordinary tale of an ordinary man caught up in the events leading up to D-Day in 1944. I loved the idea for the story. In London, there is a simple postman named Paul Eisenhower. Paul comes into possession of, and accidentally reads, confidential information regarding a critical military operation and he becomes a very important, and wanted, man. The Allies want him so they can keep him quiet and the Nazis want him so they can make him talk. The story that follows is so memorable and exciting, all fans of historical fiction should give this one a chance.

Over the last couple of years I have read a lot of historical fiction novels that have involved World War II and the events of 1939 – 1945. Despite having different characters and different plots they have all been relatively formula and always focused on the Nazi regime. This is the first book I’ve read that has broken formula and really been able to stand alone as a unique story involving one of the most tumultuous times in world history. The concept of a simple postman with a very distinct name becoming so critical to the success of D-Day was enticing! It’s always fun to read about a common person finding themselves unwittingly involved in major events.

The energy and the excitement in this book made it nearly impossible to put down. Once I started reading it I couldn’t resist reading one more page, one more chapter, five more chapters…

It was constant.

I just had to find out what happened to Paul! Did the Allies keep him quiet? Did the Nazis catch him? Did he refuse to speak? What would the Nazis do to him? Would they kill him? I had to know!

The story kept moving…England…Germany…Holland….Belgium…France…there isn’t a boring moment in the book! There isn’t time to be boring. The fate of the world is at stake and Eisenhower is very important man! Paul Eisenhower that is. Dwight Eisenhower was an important man too but in this book, it’s all about Paul.

The Other Eisenhower is political, historical and thrilling all in one. It will appeal to a wide range of readers and is clean enough that it can be read by teenagers and adults. I was apprehensive at first because when I checked the book out on Amazon it had all 5-star ratings. I was almost certain it was over-hyped and going to be a disappointment. I feel guilty for thinking that now that I have read it because The Other Eisenhower really is THAT good! I finished it just last night and I already wish I could make a cup of coffee and curl back up with it again. It’s a book I would recommend over and over to anyone looking for a fun historical book. Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Ashley LaMar 07/05/2013